Goodbye cookies, hello logs

2022-07-20 18:00

Currently (as of 2022-07-19) I'm using Matomo to have some self-hosted web analytics. In particular, I'm intrested in knowing which posts people find interesting over time (monthly). However, I'm not too fond of having to enable cookies in my website, so I have been looking for some way to process server logs from Nginx to get that information without having to bother visitors with cookies. That's where GoAccess comes in.

Migrate Isso comments to Remark42

2021-01-12 13:53

I recently changed the comment system of the website from Isso to Remark42. Although Remark42 can directly import comments from Disqus and Wordpress, there is no direct approach to migrating comments from an Isso instance, and it would be a shame to lose all of the existing comments. That is why I decided to dig into the documentation of Remark42 and it's source code to figure out a way to perform the migration myself.