The server is full!

06 Jan 2016

Ok, even I have to admit this is getting a bit out of hand. You see, some weeks ago I started subtly influencing my brother so that he would start playing the MMO Guild Wars 2 with me, given that it recently became free-to-play.

He finally agreed to do it (yay!), if I came up with a name for his character. I asked a friend for help and we came up with a list of names, including some hilarious ones that my brother discarded right away. Anyway, before he could create his character, he had to choose a server to play in and I told him which was the only Spanish server, but it was full. Huh, weird. We tried again the next days with no luck, so I thought of something (you must surely know what is coming).

Tags: api zoe game agent bot gw2

Let's Encrypt public beta

06 Dec 2015

Now that Let's Encrypt is in public beta, I thought I'd revisit my previous post with some additional details.

Tags: nginx let's encrypt security ssl certificate

Using Let's Encrypt certificates

22 Oct 2015

Now that Let's Encrypt is a trusted certificate authority in major browsers and that I got access to the beta program, I decided to take it for a spin in my server with nginx (and uWSGI).

Tags: nginx let's encrypt security ssl certificate

fumi 0.3.0 released

22 Sep 2015

About time! New version of fumi. Things that changed:

  • Cleaner output (I hope!)
  • Real-time output for remote commands
  • Added password authentication (use-password and password fields in the deployment file)
  • Minor fixes and enhancements

As always, you can install it with:

$ pip install fumi

And I'd recommend that you read the documentation for a quickstart and more details: https://fumi.readthedocs.org

Source available at: https://github.com/rmed/fumi

Tags: tool fumi deploy

Zoe, Telegram and transportation

05 Sep 2015

These past days I decided I wanted to end my summer holidays (back to university... yaaaay...) doing something cool with Zoe. So now Zoe can communicate through Telegram and has some knowledge on the public transportation system in Madrid (in particular, buses).

Tags: zoe agent bot madrid telegram transport

WaffleConf and multiprocess

25 Aug 2015

Version 0.2.0 of Flask-WaffleConf has just been released and includes support for multiprocess deployments. Here I will explain the problems encountered and the "solution" reached.

Tags: database python flask extension waffleconf multiprocess


19 Aug 2015

Flask-WaffleConf is a Flask extension that allows you to store configuration variables in the database, read them on startup and update them on runtime. It's kind of an experiment in order to try making a Flask extension from scratch and add the functionality to the website in a modular way. If you are wondering about the reason behind the name, go ask @adolphenom @captainepoch.

The way it works is pretty simple:

  • You define a database model that will act as configuration store
  • Instantiate the WaffleConf object with the application
  • Register the view with any Blueprint

For the time being (you know... alpha state), I've just added a peewee configuration store, but creating stores for other databases should not be too complicated: simply subclass the WaffleStore class and you are ready to go. However, I would recommend checking the documentation first, just in case :)

Released under GPLv2+ license.

Comments, issues and pull requests are more than welcome!

Tags: database extension python flask waffleconf

Installing Zoe in a VPS

16 Aug 2015

I recently acquired a VPS for... things? Obviously, one of the first things I did was installing Zoe, especially since I wanted to use the sysinfo agent. Here's how that went.

Tags: linux debian server zoe

New site!

09 Aug 2015

As I mentioned some months ago in this post, I've been working on a new site. Well, this is it.

It is written from scratch using Flask and is currently in a pre-pre-alpha state, so don't expect the code published until I reach a point in which I'm satisfied with the result :) (although there is always room for improvement!)

In the following days I will (maybe) add more content or modify things, but for now the old blog is pretty much migrated from the previous site, which by the way no longer exists.

Anyway, if you happen to be visitting and a bug pops up, please shoot me a message in any social media you may find me in.

k thx bye!

Coming soon: major overhaul

25 May 2015

It seems like ages since I last posted anything here. That's not good. I started this as a way of "recording" interesting things or problems I come accross (development-wise, technology-wise, etc.) so I don't forget about them or in case someone with said issues finds it interesting.

Given the fact that I haven't posted anything for almost a year means that either I haven't been doing anything or I haven't recorded anything I have come accross. Again, that's not good, as I have indeed done several things and encountered many issues along the way, which means that I could come accross them again and don't remember what I did the first time.

So here's the deal, I'm going to "reboot" this from scratch: new system, new style, new content, etc. This actually means that I'm forcing my future self to do so, and given that it is now written down here I'll have to do it... hopefully. So yeah, coming soon: new site.

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