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Introduction to distutils (III)

29 Jan 2014

Hey there! We have already seen how to write the setup script and how to build and install the Python module, but how about we distribute it so that anyone can download it? For this, we'll use the Python Package Index.

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breezedb 1.2.0 released

03 Jan 2014

As I said in a previous post, this release changes the way the library works drastically and is not compatible with previous versions.

Here's a rough changelog:

  • New license: GPLv2
  • New JSON structure
  • Database now consists of a single file
  • Improved special character support
  • Improved exception handling
  • Added several database operations

As always, report any bugs in the issue tracker.

Latest stable source code is available in the master branch of the Github repository and installed by running:

$ python setup.py install

Also installable via PyPI by using:

$ pip install breezedb

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breezedb 1.1.0 released

19 Dec 2013

breezedb is my little file-based database experiment. It started as a way of storing data (not A LOT of data) by using XML file structure, although this is going to change in future versions of the library. Therefore, release 1.1.x is to be considered as legacy, as it will not be compatible with future versions.

This release includes some major changes:

  • New query parser
  • Operation fixes
  • Minor improvements

As well as some issues, available in the issue tracker.

Source code is available in the Github repository and is installable via that source or PyPI by using:

$ pip install breezedb


python setup.py install

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Introduction to distutils (II)

22 Nov 2013

Hey there! In the first part of this tutorial I showed how to write a simple setup script for distutils (you may want to check that out if you haven't), and now it's time to talk about building and installing the module. Keep on reading and discover the superfoo.

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Introduction to distutils (I)

08 Nov 2013

Hey there! Have you ever wondered how to build and distribute a python module or library you have written to the public? If you have (if you haven't, that's cool anyway), then this might be interesting for you. Starting with this post, I'll write a tutorial divided in three parts that will hopefully serve as a simple and easy to understand introduction to Python's distutils: from writing the build script to sharing your library with the world.

First of all, please take into account that I will be referring to Python 2.7 in this tutorial, but it may not be that different for Python 3.

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