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Migration system for Zoe microservices

03 Aug 2016

This is the title of my Bachelor Thesis, which focused on the development of an addition to the Zoe virtual assistant that enabled live migration of Zoe agents during runtime. Rather than modifying the original system or employing solutions such as virtualization or containers, which may have been a little too overkill for this scenario, I designed and implemented a software-based solution with the help of my supervisor, Professor David ExpĆ³sito from UC3M.

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Good old text adventures

14 Mar 2016

Some days ago I fixed/updated my micro-engine for text adventures: texture. This project was first created for a minigame we had planned at GUL UC3M for an event at the University: El discurso de Zoe (Zoe's speech). Here is a showcase of the game in action (in Spanish).

Funny thing is, this is not my first project related to text adventures.

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Introducing the Zoe docs

11 Aug 2014

Zoe is an assistant bot for the Grupo de Usuarios de Linux UC3M (GUL UC3M) non-profit organization. I've set up a GitHub repository in order to create an extensive documentation for the project so anyone interested can learn more about it.

I'm using Sphinx to build the documentation and Read the Docsto host it. Apart from reading it online, RTD also allows downloading the documentation as a PDF or EPUB file.

The documentation is available at: http://zoe.readthedocs.org.

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