2019-06-30 20:22

Personal projects

  • Tybalt: hardware based keylogger, including remote pressing replay and payload execution capabilities, with a focus on performance and detection evasion
  • Outlander: Command and control proof of concept using applied steganography for the transmission of payloads.
  • akamatsu: small CMS made in Flask
  • wat-bridge: bridge that allows sending and receiving messages from a WhatsApp account through a Telegram bot
  • fumi: simple deployment tool
  • pyemtmad: Python wrapper for the EMT API
  • simpleice: Schedule emails for delivery in case of emergency
  • texture: micro-engine for creating text-based adventures (in Python)
  • texture-rs: micro-engine for creating text-based adventures (in Rust)
  • vidmaster: automated video compositions for GUL UC3M
  • Zoe agents: programs that add additional functionalities to the Zoe Virtual Assistant

Other projects

  • GulTalks: conference management system for GUL UC3M
  • League of Code: online hackathon organization platform for GUL UC3M

Unmaintained projects

  • ao: a clean blue-ish theme for Nibbleblog
  • breezedb: file-based database using JSON to store data
  • dev-init: automated development environment initialization
  • df_creator: simple .desktop file creator
  • Flask-WaffleConf: Flask extension to manage and store configuration variables
  • gre-timetable: parsing of the University of Greenwich timetable using Selenium for its conversion to an iCalendar file
  • infocards: information card archive library
  • techie: a dark theme for Nibbleblog inspired by Firefox OS Gaia
  • textventures: text-based adventure system using XML files for defining adventures (deprecated for texture)