Coming soon: major overhaul

25 May 2015

It seems like ages since I last posted anything here. That's not good. I started this as a way of "recording" interesting things or problems I come accross (development-wise, technology-wise, etc.) so I don't forget about them or in case someone with said issues finds it interesting.

Given the fact that I haven't posted anything for almost a year means that either I haven't been doing anything or I haven't recorded anything I have come accross. Again, that's not good, as I have indeed done several things and encountered many issues along the way, which means that I could come accross them again and don't remember what I did the first time.

So here's the deal, I'm going to "reboot" this from scratch: new system, new style, new content, etc. This actually means that I'm forcing my future self to do so, and given that it is now written down here I'll have to do it... hopefully. So yeah, coming soon: new site.


My name is Rafael Medina, and I like code.

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