Installing Zoe in a VPS

2015-08-16 07:29

I recently acquired a VPS for... things? Obviously, one of the first things I did was installing Zoe, especially since I wanted to use the sysinfo agent. Here's how that went.


First things first: let's install the dependencies:

# apt-get install git python3 perl openjdk-7-jre

Easy. Now let's download the …

New site!

2015-08-09 11:21

As I mentioned some months ago in this post, I've been working on a new site. Well, this is it.

It is written from scratch using Flask and is currently in a pre-pre-alpha state, so don't expect the code published until I reach a point in which I'm satisfied with …

Coming soon: major overhaul

2015-05-25 22:20

It seems like ages since I last posted anything here. That's not good. I started this as a way of "recording" interesting things or problems I come accross (development-wise, technology-wise, etc.) so I don't forget about them or in case someone with said issues finds it interesting.

Given the fact …