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Fun with exact matching in Zoe

2016-03-24 18:44

I'm currently working on something related to Zoe that has some complex/dangerous operations. Given that it is an agent, I would like to communicate with it using Telegram or Jabber. Using natural language commands results in a comfortable communication for regular users. However, this has some drawbacks when dealing …

The server is full!

2016-01-06 20:47

Ok, even I have to admit this is getting a bit out of hand. You see, some weeks ago I started subtly influencing my brother so that he would start playing the MMO Guild Wars 2 with me, given that it recently became free-to-play.

He finally agreed to do it …

Installing Zoe in a VPS

2015-08-16 07:29

I recently acquired a VPS for... things? Obviously, one of the first things I did was installing Zoe, especially since I wanted to use the sysinfo agent. Here's how that went.


First things first: let's install the dependencies:

# apt-get install git python3 perl openjdk-7-jre

Easy. Now let's download the …